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Where to Find Information and Resources for Your Coursework

Coursework is an essential element of the curriculum for students at all academic levels. The prime objective behind coursework is to make the curriculum more interactive for students and enhance their learning. Additionally, it is also a great tool to assess and examine a student’s grip over a particular subject or topic and can also be a convenient means for students to improve their grades.

The type and nature of coursework may vary depending on your field of study as well as the academic level. However, generally, coursework includes short essays, short reports, research projects and the like.

Since coursework is assigned by the supervisor throughout the semester and may vary in the scope, type, and requirements, therefore, finding the right and relevant information for the different projects assigned to you may get a bit cumbersome.

Finding the Right Resources for Your Coursework

Here, we’re sharing some places and repositories where you can find the best resources for your coursework. Read on.

Your College Library

The library in your college or university is a treasure trove of information for your course as well as the coursework, and you can find plenty of credible information on all subjects and academic disciplines. However, if the library is huge, you may find it hard to choose from the different options. A smart approach is to reach out to the library staff and ask them about the subject or topic you’re finding the information on – they’ll guide you through.

Books, Magazine, and Journals

Books, magazines, and journals can be a great source of information for your coursework. This may depend on the subject or topic of the assignment though, and you might have to bit of research to find the most relevant and useful print material for your coursework.

Scholarly Platforms

If the coursework is more on the research-intensive side, you may want to seek help from online academic platforms such as Google Scholar, or JSTOR, etc. These platforms hold immense knowledge and credible works of scholars on a plethora of subjects, topic, and fields of study. Moreover, using the resources available on these platforms will add a lot of gravity and credibility to your work and make it look professional.


The internet has made all the information you’re looking for just a mere click away. All you need to do is type in your search query and voila! You get millions of search results in return. An important thing to note is that anyone – and literally anyone – can post information on the internet, which puts a serious question mark on the authenticity and credibility of the information you find online. Therefore, you need to watch out for the websites, blogs or any other online medium you’re consulting for online research.

College Faculty

Last but not the least, your supervisor, course instructor, as well as the professors on your faculty can guide you on the assignment better than all the sources mentioned above combined. In fact, consulting your supervisor right from the start and keeping them in the loop throughout the process will make sure that you’re heading in the right direction with the coursework and thus, increase your chances of scoring well at it.

With these tried and tested tips, finding information for your coursework should no more be an issue for you.  Have anything else to share? Let us know in the comments section below.

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