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What are the common problems for writing a Thesis

No one would have ever told you that thesis writing is simple. One has to live with the experience of writing a thesis for almost a year. Since, it is an off-activity, engaging one’s self in thesis writing can be overwhelming since, it would be the longest piece of work written by you in your academic career. For that you need to understand and overcome some of the problems related with thesis writing. These problems include;  

  • Thesis statements

A thesis statement is like a soul of your thesis. It can be defined as a comprehensive statement that encloses your thesis in a few sentences. One major problem of writing a thesis is developing an effective thesis statement that is able to convey the idea possessed by your thesis, is unique has potential to generate debate.  

  • Devising Research Questions and objectives

The other problem in developing your thesis includes generating research questions that are tangible and possess the flexibility that helps in molding and developing ideas of the thesis. It becomes hard to develop thesis objectives that gives a limitation and direction to your project. Hence, avoiding any ambiguity in the research aims and objectives or in research questions is significant yet difficult.  

  • Finding Relevant Researches/ Data

This is one of the most severe problems a research must face. Finding the data or researches coherent or that align with the idea of the research is important. It may lead to rejection of your thesis. Relevant sources and data is categorized based on the type of research being conducted.

A qualitative data or primary data requires using interviews, questionnaires, surveys and then, this primary data should be supported by the use of different secondary sources or peer articles in coherence with research. It requires a lot of deconstructive reading because citing a wrong source can lead to failure of the work.  

  • Compiling Peer Review Journals

Writing Literature review is a major challenge because at first using the accurate sources and then during writing developing a connection within various peer reviewed journals to develop a whole. Furthermore, extensively quoting directly from the article and not connecting its essence with the research’s main point is a common mistake made by the students. Writing 15-17 pages with a deep connection is a major problem.   

  • Research Gap

Another problem faced by students in writing is identifying the research gap from the review of the literature. They have to spend months reading and developing a hypothesis that is unique and has not been worked upon.

  • Time Management

Lastly, time management has remained a major problem in completing a thesis. Despite the fact that students are provided with significant amount of time to complete their thesis yet they fail to complete it within the given time frame. It is due to the lack of student’s management to outline the process of thesis writing.

      Students must cater all these issues properly for writing an effective and quality thesis.

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