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What are the different Thesis Writing methods?

Many students acquire the subject of Research Methodologies in their course to prepare themselves for writing a Thesis which is the final step of the ladder to reach their degrees. However, many books further lead to an entangled thread for the students. Here are some of the thesis writing methods that can solve the problem. All you need is to choose the method based on your approach and all things will set in automatically.

Writing thesis requires organized range of ideas that are planned using the research skills. The thesis writing methods largely varies based on the method or approach chosen by the researcher. First of all, for writing a thesis, an effectively organized topic is required. The topic should be focused so that it can be completed in the relatively small period of time.

Every university have its preferred approach for Thesis writing. However, a sound theoretical basis is required for the practical research linking it with the social world. The dissertations are largely of two types; theoretical (based on philosophical and empirical considerations) and practical research usually of social sciences that use surveys, interviews, and other practical methods to develop findings.     

They direct their students about how to collect data, organize and compile it is. Some of the thesis writing methods are;

Empirical Dissertations

Empirical dissertation is based on data collected by various research tools. The data is collected by the use of various research tools like questionnaires, surveys, recording reviews, interviews or observation from experimentation. This also involves the comparison and contrast research. For instance, recording the results of psychological tests on certain issues or surveying an industrial area.

Non-Empirical Dissertations

Non-Empirical dissertations are equally challenging as is the empirical research. Therefore, choosing this type should not be taken lightly. Keeping and developing a single argument for the whole length of the dissertation is quite challenging. Since, there are chances that the topic can spill over and digress form its mainstream form. This type of dissertation is exploring the research questions using theoretical framework or analyzing different texts deeply. For instance, in Literature a literary text is analyzed using the theories of feminism, transcendentalism, ecocriticism leading to the abstract discussion of the research. This method is largely suitable for the subjects like sociology, literature and history. This method, therefore, takes the applied root where already developed theories are applied on the empirical questions devised through your thesis topic. Hence, it is theoretical approach      

Narrative Dissertations

There are many disciplines that neither choose empirical nor choose non-empirical method rather they choose the third one, the narrative dissertation based on their subject requirements. This type of dissertation is written in order to record the personal experiences of working with wild life or analyzing the physical geography. It is likely to use the first person pronoun. This type of dissertation involves is concern with personal view point and the method chosen is narration.    

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